Minedigger, handpainted character

Hi all,

So I finished making this character that I handpainted: Minedigger.

They call him the minedigger because he loves to hide mines in the ground for enemies to walk over. He will dig a hole and drop one of his presents into it for you. Afterwards he will rake it over with his rake and you won’t notice you’re on top of something until you hear the click. He loves his bazooka too and made it his own, no one can touch that! During battle he lost his arms because he stood too close to an explosion. Luckily Boom Inc gave him a new set of robot arms to make him blow people up for as long as he may live. Ohw jeah and he also likes wind between his legs, he says that that helps him concentrate.

I loved thinking out his concept. I wanted to make a truly unique character and I wanted to give him some humor too. I liked the concept of him having a hat that would cover his eyes and most of his face. I had a lot of ideas and a friend of mine really added to it, making it look like a fun character on paper.

Then I started actually modelling him. I tried to use the right wireframe, so that when the time is right, he will be easily animatable. For sketchfab I decided to just give him an idle animation, making him look a lot more lively. I also made him look rigged to make it even more ridiculous!

I loved making weapons for him too, I could just imagine how he would use those in battle. I wanted it to look hilarious! 😀

Here it is, the minedigger on sketchfab! Hope you have fun!






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